Yearly Prepaid Plans from Different Telecom Operators in India
Yearly Prepaid Plans from Different Telecom Operators in India

In this article, I am gonna talk about Yearly Prepaid Plans from different Telecom operators in India. Right now, India is at its peak for consuming 4G data especially in mobile platform. Well, we should be thankful to Reliance Jio to bring such an Internet revolution in our country. Moreover, the Consumption of Internet data increases because of one major reason, which is the lower Internet data rate. Now, Telecom companies are rolling out new plans almost everyday. With these plans they not just offer only the Internet data but also free unlimited calling, SMS and other benefits.

By looking at these numerous options available users now more shifted towards larger recharge packs. Of course Recharging with large packs counts more money at one time, but provide more benefits too. For example, Yearly packs are more budget friendly than the monthly packs and so on.

Therefore, I thought to cover an article listing all the Yearly Prepaid Plans from Different Telecom Operators in India. Here I came up with a list which I share with you guys below.

Yearly Prepaid Plans from Different Telecom Operators in India (List)

Let’s start with the Telecom company who started Internet Revolution in India.

Jio (Rs. 1,699 Plan)

Reliance Jio has an yearly prepaid plan that comes at Rs. 1,699. Here, you get 1.5GB data per day with post consumption speed of 64 kbps. Summing up the total data you’ll get 547.5GB. Other than data, here you’ll get unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS per day as well as Jio Apps complimentary subscription. The validity of this Rs. 1,699 plan is 365 days.

Idea (Rs. 1,999 Plan)

Similar to Reliance Jio, Idea has also rolled out an yearly plan at Rs. 1,999. Excluding Jio Apps complimentary subscription, this plan provide benefits exactly same as Reliance Jio Rs. 1,699 plan. However, right now this plan is only available for users in Kerala circle.

Airtel (Rs. 1,699 Plan)

I already wrote a post about Airtel Yearly Prepaid plan that comes at Rs. 1,699. Although, it gives you less data i.e. 1GB per day in compare to Jio and Idea but it provides you Airtel TV Premium subscription for free.

Vodafone (Rs. 1,499 Plan)

Vodafone also have an yearly plan providing 1GB data per day just like Airtel. This plan comes at Rs. 1,499 and also provides unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day.

BSNL (Rs. 1,699 Plan)

If you compare BSNL yearly plan in terms of data then we should rank it at the first position. BSNL yearly plan comes at Rs. 1,699 and providing 2GB data per day with unlimited calling and SMS benefits like above.

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