Top 10 cool websites 2018

Top 10 Cool websites 2018, which we are damn sure you probably didn’t know about. We have come up with a list of Top 10 cool websites 2018. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing so we are giving a detailed information. Just check it out and you could thank us later. Enjoy Surfing.

List of Top 10 Cool Websites 2018

10 Minute Mail

10 minutes mail

This is the first in the list of Top 10 cool websites 2018. Many a time we need a temporary email, for subscription or for entering any website and we need to provide our own email which results in a lot of spams and ads promotion messages, to avoid this visit the website 10 Minutes Mail, it provides us a temporary email for 10 minutes after 10 minutes the email vanishes automatically. So, if you need a temporary email visit this website as this is total “It’s cup of tea” Now keep your inbox spam free.

Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator

The second name in the list of 10 cool websites is Fake Name Generator which is a website that creates your fake identity. All you have to do is to provide your Gender, Name Set, and Country. Now all the details of your fake identity will be automatically created by  Fake Name Generator. Remember this is only for fun so, just enjoy your new identity.

camel camel camel

camel camel camel

For all the shopping lovers here and more precisely for all the online shopping lovers. It is well said that “A fool and his money are soon parted”. This website provides you the lowest and highest price of that particular product on All you have to do is to visit the website camel-camel-camel and have to enter the URL of the product which is present on Amazon. This website then shows you the highest price, current price and the lowest price of that product on Amazon. So, now you can easily get to know whether you are in profit or loss.


Hacker Typer

Do you wanna show your friends that you are a professional hacker? Then this is the website you should visit. It is totally A no-brainer. just open the website hackertyper and type anything it will show some predefined codes and when you just press the upside arrow key it will show you ACCESS GRANTED message. So, Enjoy showing off.

Mt. Everest in 3d

Mt Everest in 3D

For all the trek lovers, this is the website you need to visit once. just visit Everest3d what this website does is really cool. This website lets you to a whole new experience of virtual trekking. So, Just open it and enjoy.

Down for Everyone or Just Me

down for everyone or just me

Many a time we visit a website and it doesn’t open at all and there remains a confusion in our mind that whether it is down for me or for everyone. All we have to do is to open the link down-for-everyone-or-just-me and just paste the URL into the box provided and it will give you the result that whether the website is down for you or for everyone. So, from now onwards if you are in a state of confusion don’t get confused just visit this website and enjoy.

Account Killer

Account Killer

This website lets you delete your online accounts. All you have to do is to go to AccountKiller there you will find a lot of online accounts just choose whichever account you wanna delete and then follow the procedure. so, just open the link and start deleting, We wish you a happy account deletion.

Project Alexandria

Project Alexandria

For all the bookworms here. This is one of the coolest websites. This website lets you write the name of the author and will suggest you 5 most liked or renowned books of that particular author.

A Good Movie to Watch

A good movie to watch

Not sure about which movie to watch? Fed up with all the boring movies and wanna watch some interesting movies. This is all in all for you movie lovers, A Good Movie To Watch provides you all a list of good movies to watch. Now find out how many have you already watched.



This is one of the cool websites in our list, as it is said that “A golden key can open any door” similarly a website containing a lot of genuine information can boost up your knowledge. It provides you a lot of information about different gadgets, Technology blogs, Gaming experiences, digital tips and day to day life hacks. Keep visiting the website TechChahiye and enjoy learning.

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