Spotify Tastebuds
Spotify Tastebuds

Popular Music streaming service Spotify is working on a new social feature called Tastebuds. The feature helps you to discover new music that depends on the kind of music your friends are listening. Although, Spotify starts testing this feature from early October but for the first time someone spotted it.

Well, we should appreciate Jane’s work to help us spot this feature so early. To know a demo of How this feature looks like, visit this link. However, do note that it isn’t functional for now. Just giving you the proof about the existence of this feature.

Talking about different social features Spotify have include ability to make friends and listen songs along with your friends. However, it isn’t sporting any feature to discover those music our friends are listening. Well, Tastebuds is all about discovering such music.

You can access Tastebuds from the Navigation option or from the Home/Browse section.

Now, let me explain you How Tastebuds going to work on Spotify?

Once you access Tastebuds, there you see a Pen icon. Clicking on that icon brings a search bar where you can feed the name of your friend whom you are following. Once you feed the name, you see a list of music your friend is most listening too. Then, you could also listen to that music or may be adding it to your playlist.

Well, for now we know that much about Tastebuds. Once we get more info. we surely add it here.

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