Instagram Fact Checking Program goes global

Back in June 2018, Facebook launches its Fact-Checking-Algorithm primarily to stop spreading misinformation on the platform. The information could be in any form like photos, video, or text. The algorithm, on the other hand designed by taking help from different organizations that are fighting and reporting Fake News.

Facebook says once a user reports a post by saying it as a fake one, Facebook then analyses it with the help of its Fact-Checking Tool. Now, if fact checking tool found the information wrong then it flags the post.

Coming to the flagged post, Facebook says they are recommending a flagged post less frequently to users. Also, marking a flagged post with false information label.

Early this year, Instagram reported they are using the same fact-checking algorithm available on Facebook. However, its availability limited only to US users. Now, In a recent blog post, Instagram reveals that they are expanding the Fact-Checking Algorithm globally on the platform.

The algorithm works more or less the same as it does on Facebook. A post spreading misinformation on Instagram is less likely to appear on the explore tab, Instagram search, and so on. Also, posts marked as false on Facebook automatically labeled by false information on Instagram.

Instagram is now marking posts spreading misinformation with a false information label and rating. The rating indicates the level of false information as well as also displaying the link of credible sources who debunk the information as a false one.

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