Instagram Accidentally Rolls Out Left to Right Feed Scrolling
Instagram Accidentally Rolls Out Left to Right Feed Scrolling

On Thurday, Popular Photo Sharing App Instagram accidentally rolls out left to right feed scrolling. Instagram feed wall where users sees posts from other Instagram Users and Hastags they follow scrolls left to right after an update rollout. What happens next you assume, Users bursting over Twitter about this big change. Infact they create a hastag called Instagramfail which was quite trending.

Looking at user’s opinion in hurry officials of Instagram post an another update some hour later, which rollback this new feature. Do you want to see how Instagram left to right feed scrolling works. It works same as you see Instagram stories. However, NBC post a video tweet about this.

Instagram officials moreover, Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram) clarifies this issue. He starts by saying Happy Holidays, In the way of testing the new feature, Instagram guys accidently rolls out this one.

Talking about some of the funny tweets. One user say “Hey Instagram we use Tinder, When we want to use to”. While another User say “Instagram presents us a pure evil gift for New Year”.

Anyways, Instagram officials releases a new patch and left to right feed scrolling is not present in the app anymore.

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