different ways to take the screenshot on windows
different ways to take the screenshot on windows

Different ways to take the screenshot on Windows: Introduction

In this article, we are going to describe you the different ways to take the screenshot on windows. Whatever device you have and whatever operating system is installed in it, now a day taking screenshots is quite easy. If we talk about the Windows operating system, here you can take the screenshot by pressing the prt sc button. By pressing the prt sc button, the full-screen snapshot of your system will be copied. You can then save it easily by pasting it into Microsoft paint and so on. On the other hand, if we talk about the MacBook Air, here you can take a full-screen snap by pressing the cmd+shift+3 button. Whereas, by pressing the cmd+shift+4 button, you can snap a portion of the screen.

We’ve been using Windows for centuries, and one thing we have to worry about is, Why Microsoft didn’t give us some similar shortcuts like Apple. Taking screenshots and pasting it into applications like paint, and then cropping it. Oh god, it takes a long process. For that reason, we have brought you some shortcuts that will help you to chill.

Note: Keep in mind that these methods will work only on Windows XP and the later versions. We have also put snipping tool method on our list because it first brings in Windows Vista.

List of different ways to take the screenshot on windows

Case 1: How to save the screenshot in the clipboard? The Old Method

  • Firstly you have to press the prt sc button once.
  • After that, you open Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word or any other application where you can paste images.
  • Then in that application, paste the screenshot taken by you by just pressing the ctrl+v button together at once.
  • Finally, you can save that image with the help of that application to wherever you want.

Case 2: How to take a screenshot of any specific window open in your system?

If you want to take a screenshot of a specific window that is open in your system. Then you have to do the following steps given below:

  • first of all, you have to select that specific window by clicking on it once.
  • Then you have to press the alt+prt sc button once.
  • You can then paste the screenshot by pressing the ctrl+v button once in Microsoft Word or any application which can deal with photos.
  • Finally, you can save that screenshot wherever you like.

Case 3: How to take a screenshot of any specific portion of the screen?

  • Firstly, you open an application whose name is snipping tool.
  • You can find it by typing the snipping tool in the search program and files by clicking on the Start menu.
  • After opening the Snipping Tool, click on New.
  • Then you can take a screenshot of the screen which you want to select, by pressing the left mouse button.
  • As soon as you leave the button, the snap of your selected screen will be prompted to you to save it.
  • Finally, put some names on it and save it on the location of your choice.

I hope you enjoy this article. Do let us know your suggestions and views in the comments section below. Thank You.

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