PUBG Vikendi Night Mode
PUBG Vikendi Night Mode

PUBG Vikendi Night Mode is Going to Introduce in the Next Update. PUBG officials releases this patch to the PC Test servers. Twitting on their official Twitter handle this Saturday, they reveals this info. And now, players able to access PUBG Vikendi Night mode full of Auroras and Stars.

Note that we already see the Night Mode in Vikendi map while PUBG releases the Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay trailer.

PUBG Vikendi Map Gameplay Trailer

But till now, we haven’t access the Night mode in Vikendi mode. Those of you Gaming freaks out there, let me told you the actual name of Night mode in the Vikendi Map. Officials call it Moonlight Mode.

The night mode is not pitch black but is dark. You can’t say the night is a deep one. There must be something other because a new patch coming this week. But the officials not clarified anything from their side.

So, Enjoy the moonlight mode in PUBG Vikendi Map and do share this article with your friends.

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