iOS 14 Translate App
iOS 14 Translate App

Yesterday Apple Previewed iOS 14 with the most significant update they have ever made to the Home Screen, Widget, and Apple Library. Now, besides all the great features, iOS 14 also has a new Translate App for Translating conversations. Below is the list of all features that the new iOS 14 Translate app is sporting.

iOS 14 Translate App Features

Translate Supports 11 Different Languages

This app is named Translate, and it offers a quick and natural translation of voice and text in 11 different languages. The following are the languages that the upcoming Translate app is supporting.

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese
  3. English
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Japanese
  8. Korean
  9. Portuguese
  10. Russian
  11. Spanish

Automatic Detection

There is also an Automatic Detection option in the language section of the app. When this option is turned on, the translation will automatically detect which of the two languages is being spoken. User can use the in-app microphone to better use this feature.

On-Device Mode

Translate also have an On-Device mode to enable a fully offline translate experience. All you have to do is download the language in advance in between which you want to translate. Then, you can even turn off the internet connectively to translate one language into another.


You can even save your new Translations in the Favorite tab to easily access it for later use.

Attention Mode

To make it easy for the user to read the translation, you can also enlarge the translated text in landscape view. Expanding the translated text in landscape view is also called the Attention mode.

In-Built Dictionary

Translate also has an inbuilt dictionary to allow user to see the definition of a word in between the conversation. To use this feature, a user has to tap on the word to see its definition.

iPadOS 14 also has a new Translate Feature

Apple also introduces a new Translate feature for the upcoming iPadOS 14 update. A user can translate an entire web page in Safari by clicking on a new translate icon present in the address field. However, for now, this feature is limited only to US and Canadian users.

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