Inbox Co-Founder Releases a new Chrome extension to Simplify Gmail
Inbox Co-Founder Releases a new Chrome extension to Simplify Gmail

Google Inbox Co-founder releases a new chrome extension to simplify gmail. Surprisingly, the extension name is also Simplify Gmail. This 1MB extension (after installation) helps you clutter down your Gmail looks more simplistic and focused. To download and install this app you have to visit this Chrome web store link. The app is made by ex-Google and Facebook employee Michael Leggett who is currently working on Nori.

Those of you who install the extension and not able to notice any changes, let me tell you, Michael says the app doesn’t gather any data. Moreover, it only clutters down the CSS and Javascript to make Gmail More Simplistic. Therefore, you may not notice any new feature but it will definitely transform the Gmail Look.

To see the changes in the Gmail Interface after you install this app, you first have to go to your chrome extension page and then turn it on and off to see the effect. Those you doesn’t want to do it below I share the screenshot of the changes.

As you can in the first two images in a row, the search box shifts to the right. Moreover, the right sidebar disappears totally when we minimize it. This is one of the changes you’ll see first when you open the Gmail timeline.

Now, the other change you will see when you open a mail which I try to show you in the below two images in a row. Once you compare these two images, you notice a minimized search bar and a disappeared sidebar. Other than that, the mail options shift at the top.

So, those of you who would like to try a more minimal version of Gmail or find a mate to fill up the place of Inbox by Gmail could refer this extension. You can download and install it from Google Web store. I already mention its link above in this article.

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