Google Meet Upcoming Features 2020

Key Points

  • You can now set a custom image as a background in Google Meet.
  • Currently, rolled out only to the Google Meet for Desktop.
  • The feature is turned OFF by default.

In a bid to enhance the meeting experience by reducing the visual distractions, Google Meet has rolled out a new feature that lets the user replace the Google Meet Background with an Image.

While the users are independent to set any of their custom images as background, the app also provides a list of handpicked images that includes landscapes, abstract, spaces and more.

Google Meet already has features to filter disruptive background audio (noise) and blur the background. The new feature enhances the audio-video experience on the app. For now, the feature is part of Google Meet for Desktop only but is expected to roll out soon for Android and iOS too.

Now, the reason behind writing this article is, by default this new feature (setting an image to the Google Meet Background) has been despatched in the Turned OFF state. Hence, to use it, we need to manually enable it. Therefore, here I’m guiding you, how to enable this feature in your Google Meet app for Desktop app.

How to set an Image as Background in Google Meet for Desktop?

Steps to set an image as a background in Google Meet

Once you Open, Create or Join a Google Meet session, at the bottom right corner of the video screen you see an icon that lets you set an image as a background.

Clicking on the same icon also reveals the other options specific to setting the background of Google Meet Sessions. I have mentioned the same in the screenshot pasted above.

So, this is all about setting an image as a background in Google Meet for Desktop sessions. Let us tell in the comment section down below, How many of you guys are using Google Meets sessions and How many of you are curiously looking for this feature. Your opinion and suggestions about this feature would also be helpful for us and our community members.

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