Google Maps Rolls out for you tab ios android
Google Maps Rolls out for you tab ios android

Google Maps rolls out For You Tab on iOS and Android Platform today. This feature is now available in more than 40 countries for iOS users and 130+ countries for Android users. For You Tab is just like Google News For You Tab, however, in Google Maps this section recommend you some new places or locations according to your taste.

You can also follow places or a neighborhood location you found interesting and you will receive updates from them. Google Maps rolls out For You Tab basically for travelers who need inspiration to explore a new place.

So, if you are a traveler or you love exploring new places, Google Maps For You tab section is must visit section. Recently, Google Maps also integrates a new feature in the platform that is called “Live Location“. The feature helps you track someone while you meet with them in say rush public places like bus stand, railway station etc.

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Google Maps Rolls Out For You Tab | Image Credits: Google

Note that the For You Tab section in Google Maps recommends you restaurants, parks, or any other new location depends on your taste. Moreover, Google identifies this taste via different tactics. Anyways I find the For You section a great one because here you explore new places of Google Maps.

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