Google Appoints AI to check Grammar in Google Docs
Google Appoints AI to check Grammar in Google Docs

Do you know that Google Appoints AI to check Grammar in Google Docs? This year Google submit most of its platform in the hands of AI. Earlier this year we all see how Google perfectly creates the Smart Compose feature with the help of AI. However, now it is the turn of Google Docs in the Queue. Here, Google implements the Grammar check facility in the web-based document editing platform called Google Docs.

Google Appoints AI to Check Grammar in Google Docs: How to Get this Feature?

This feature is not fully roll out for all users. Although interested users can register in it by enrolling in the Early Adopters Program. Talking about similar Grammar application which gives these kinds of features nowadays in Market is Grammarly. Those of you who don’t know about Grammarly it is a Popular English Enhancement Platform. It comes both in free as well in Premium version. The free version is limited only to Critical Grammar and Spelling checks. However, the Premium one has several other features in addition to this.

When AI Monitor Google docs it not only do the Critical Grammar checks but it also checks the spelling. In fact, It also suggests the context of the sentence structure with appropriate Grammar. Well, the coolest thing is users will grab all these features without paying a cent. However, Grammarly charges for these features.

Techcrunch reports that this new feature in Google Docs also works like a charm with the language translation. Suppose you translate some language say Bengali into the English Language with the help of Google Translate. Now, if you have already used Google Translate, then you know that it doesn’t properly form the sentence structure. Here Google Docs will prove to be a saviour. You know what I mean.

So, In our opinion, if all works fine then, because of this new feature Google Docs captures a huge amount of users traffic on its platform. Moreover, let see what happens next.

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