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Even since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, experts were saying he is furious with his decisions regarding the company. And, the experts were saying this for various reasons.

Here are those reasons:

Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022 and after that he brought a series of changes in the company.

First he started with the executive clearout where he dissolved the board and then fired a list of executives like Parag Agrawal (Twitter’s Ex-CEO), Ned Segal (CFO), Vijaya Gadde (Head of Legal, Policy, and Trust).

Thereafter, he brings a list of changes to the platform. For example, changes to verification (by charging $8 per month for having a blue tick on the Twitter handle), Introducing Twitter Blue (that gives features like editing the tweet, half ads (seeing 50% less ads in compare to non-premium profile), ranking boost in conversations and search, longer tweets and more. All these features are available to those users who have taken the Twitter Blue subscription for $8.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, the company began sackings among its 7500 strong workforce and some reports suggest, Musk is planning to fire half of Twitter’s workforce.

Now, in a recent live audio conversations feature on Twitter called “Spaces”, Musk informed the world that he is rebranding Twitter. In the rebranding exercise several changes are approved and soon come into force.

First, the name of Twitter is going to change into “X”.

The logo of the company (a blue bird) will also change to X.

Seems like Musk likes the alphabet X a bit more from others.

In addition to the name and the logo, the existing domain name of the company called twitter.com is also going to change into x.com.

Don’t think of it as a “B” grade name.

In the audio conversation, Must also reveals different plans for the company.

He says Twitter will be called X – The Everything App.

The Everything App tagline has been added for different reasons.

He says, we are going to change the existing platform into a completely new one by bringing a range of new features. Let’s talk about those features now.

Features that are coming to X.com

Creator Payments

Users will get paid for profile visits and yes they don’t need 5M impressions per month or having a subscription button.


Twitter’s current bookmark system is overwhelming. In the new X.com, users can bookmark a Tweet directly from the timeline, they can search bookmarks, and will also get weekly emails of the saved bookmarks.

Financial System

Musk says, we should have an app like Chinese giant WeChat.

He says, if one is right, we could make X to become half of the global financial system.

And, for that, our goal will be to make the system have a minimum level of fraud, real time monitoring, and smooth integration.

Easier Spam Reporting

Twitter’s current spam reporting feature is tedious and long.

The current system takes around 5-10 steps for reporting harassment, which is fine, but taking 5-10 steps for reporting a spam is really tedious.

In X.com, the same feature will be made binary. Users will be able to report spams in just one click.

Improved Shadowbans

The current system has no transparency about shadowbans.

However, the new system will make shadowbans more transparent by showing the active shadowbans, the reason for shadowbanning, and the solutions to get out of it.

Other features that are coming to the platform includes, dating capabilities, ecommerce integration, food ordering, audio-video content, a payment and banking system like UPI.

So, these are all the potential features that are coming to Twitter’s rebranded version X. How many of these features do you like? Are you comfortable with these decisions that are coming to your favorite microblogging platform? Do let me know your opinions and suggestions in the comments down below.

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