Clubhouse starts testing its Android App Beta Testing
Image Credits: William Krause / Unsplash

Ever since the launch of Clubhouse for the iOS last year, the demand to launch it for Android has also been risen.

Seeing the same, the company starts developing the Android version of the app early this year and beta test it among some users early this month.

Now, after a year of its iOS launch, the company is finally launching the stable Android version of Clubhouse globally this week.

As per a report, Japan, Brazil, and Russia are going to get the Android version of Clubhouse on Tuesday. Nigeria and India, on the other hand, will get the app on Friday AM whereas the rest of the world will get the app by Friday afternoon.

At the start of this month when the Android version of the app was launched to beta test it among some users it lacks most of the features. For example, users canโ€™t be able to follow a topic, change their profile or username, link their social profile, and others. Clubhouse said they are soon going to bring these features in its Android App as you can see in their tweet below.

Last week, the company started the pre-registration of its Android app in India. Now, users who have pre-register for the app will get its early access as soon as the app became available on Google Play store.

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