Twitter's Upcoming Subscription Service will be called Twitter Blue
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While last year Twitter Conducted a survey asking select users whether they are interested in some paid features in the platform, from the past few months we heard of Twitter is working on a subscription service.

We can see the clear indications of the same as the company recently acquired Revue (a newsletter service) and Scroll (a subscription platform).

Now, as per a reveal from one of a popular reverse engineer and tester “Jane Manchun Wong”, Twitter’s upcoming subscription service will be called Twitter Blue.

Via her official Twitter handle, Jane revealed that Twitter Blue will come at a monthly price of $2.99.

Beside that, she also revealed all the features that will be exclusive to the users subscribing to Twitter Blue.

List of Features that might be packed in Twitter Blue

Collections: Collections will let users save and organize their favorite tweets so that if they want them to read at some later point of time, they can easily do so.

Twitter Blue
Twitter Blue / Credits: Jane Manchun Wong

Undo Tweet: For a long time, many users have been asking Twitter to introduce a feature to edit the tweets. Twitter, on the other hand, isn’t equipping the users to edit their tweets, it is reportedly introducing the Undo Tweet option soon. The Undo Tweet feature will give users a 5 to 30 second window in which if the user wants to edit or undo their tweet after posting it, then they can do so via this feature.

Credits: Jane Manchun Wong
Credits: Jane Manchun Wong

Clutter Free News Reading Experience: Jane has also revealed that Twitter’s upcoming subscription service will follow the tiered subscription pricing model. Meaning, it will have different tiers and a high-priced tier to have more features in comparison to the lower priced tier. An example of a higher priced tier feature is Clutter Free News Reading experience with Scroll that Twitter has acquired last week.

Well so far, we came to know that much about Twitter Blue. As soon as we get more info, we will let you know and for that we request you to subscribe us by feeding your email address in the box below.

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