Instagram Rolls Out Question Stickers For Music Recommendations

The Popular Photo Blogging App Instagram is working on a set of features to let its users to create posts from its Desktop App.

Instagram is one of the most famous mobile apps with millions of traffic everyday.

It has its presence on Desktop as well but only the contents can be viewed on desktop.

One cannot go ahead and add any post to their profile.

According to a developer, Alessandro Paluzzai who happens to be an app analyst as well, Instagram is working on the feature, where users can create posts from Instagram on desktop.

In a series of images shared on twitter, Paluzzi discovered on the navigation part, a new plus button, the same as you find on the mobile application.

When you click on the button, Instagram will prompt the users to upload the photos they want to post.

Users can go ahead and choose their respective aspect ratio for their image. i.e. 1:1 (square), (4:5) portrait, (16:9) landscape.

Once the user selects their respective aspect ratio, then they are able to select any filter for their image if they want.

Then at last the users are asked to put some appropriate captions, hashtags, tag people and can add location information and more.

Since the beginning, Instagram focused on the mobile application.

Now, the addition of these features in Instagram’s desktop app is definitely going to increase the desktop user experience.

Most of the users of Instagram are mobile users only and there is no proper estimation of the desktop users as of now but after this feature, this is sure that desktop experience is going to be enhanced to a great extent.

So, users who are more inclined towards using a desktop, it is definitely good news.

Also, Paluzzi also warned that this feature is currently under internal testing only, and there’s no further information when it will be available across the internet or even if it’s going to be available or not.

He also said that there’s no clarity on whether the users will be able to upload stories, Create reels or put IGTV content.

While Instagram is testing the features to let user create posts from its desktop app, some of the Instagram’s Mobile feature has already came to its desktop app.

Talking about our opinion, I personally love to use the desktop and would love to see the desktop experience as well.

Also, this will make Instagram more accessible and user friendly.

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