Clubhouse App listed on Apple App Store
Clubhouse App listed on Apple App Store

Clubhouse recently has reached 10 million weekly active users. However, the App is still available only for iOS users leaving Android users curious to know when they will use the App.

Last month, we saw Clubhouse hiring an Android software developer name Mopewa Ogundipe to develop the Android version of the App, but the release timeline of the Android version was not revealed back then.

Now, Last Sunday in its weekly town hall event, the company co-founder Paul Davison reportedly said, “we are working hard to bring the Android version of the app, and we may launch the Android version of Clubhouse in a couple of months.”

Clubhouse to remove the invite-only restriction of Joining the App

Besides, to bring an Android version of the App, the company co-founder also said in the coming months, we will remove the invite only restriction of joining in the iOS version of the App.

Clubhouse Duplicates on Google Play Store spreading Malware

On the one hand, the company hasn’t launched any Android version of Clubhouse yet; one can find many duplicate Clubhouse apps on the Google Play store. Some of them contain BlackRock malware leaking user’s credentials from other apps installed in the device.

Clubhouse Availability on Different Platforms

Let me tell you that, right now, Clubhouse is only available for iOS users in the App Store, and a user can join in the same App via Invite only. That means the App is not officially available for Android and Desktop yet.

Upcoming Clubhouse Features

In addition to the above, Clubhouse is bettering itself by giving its users more control over the App. For example, control over the Push Notification, Personalized Rooms on the Home Screen, and more. For creators, the App has announced a bunch of features. For example, Events Monetization via Direct Payments, Subscriptions, and Brand Sponsorships, Membership Management tools, Metrics Tracking and more.

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