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In this article, we explain about Android 9 Pie Features Release Date and Every other thing to know. On Monday, Google announces the release date of its brand new upcoming Android OS. Users were sitting on the stereo and guessing What is the name of this new OS this time and What Features are Present in it? Almost all users were speculating that Google would retain its practice and after Android O, Android P will come out. However, this time Google is going to change this practice. This time Google is going to launch Android 9 Pie instead of Android P. So now it is clear that what will be the name of the Upcoming latest Android OS. Let’s tell you that this latest OS will roll out today for all Pixel users. Happy now!

Android 9 Pie Features Release Date: Info

The latest Android operating system will be released through the beta program, in which about 1.4 million users are enrolled. For the first time, Google has invited other device manufacturers to enrol for Android Beta Testing. These device manufacturers include Nokia, One Plus, Xiaomi, Sony, Oppo, Vivo etc. Android 9 Pie will be available to all these device manufacturers by the end of this year.

So let’s talk about the features present in the Android 9 Pie. Let’s tell you that the Android 9 Pie has been powered by Artificial Intelligence. So, all the features present in it works more or less with the help of AI.

Android 9 Pie Features

1. Adaptive Battery

Adaptive Battery is a feature that will help your phone learn how you use your phone. Let’s say that if you do not use any app regularly, then your phone will keep an eye on such App and will not let the battery drain in the background. You only have to enable an option for that.

2. Adaptive Brightness

Now you will not have to adjust your phone’s brightness. AI will detect itself when to increase the brightness and when to reduce it. Here too you have to keep enable an option, just as simple as that.

3. App action

This feature will keep you completely organized by a way. This feature will predict your next action in your phone with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Suppose you open a music app on your phone, then the playlist that you were previously playing will automatically put it in front of you.

4. Android 9 Pie Navigation

Android 9 pie also pay special attention to the navigation feature. Now if you have to switch from one app to another, you will be able to do this with the help of Gestures. Buttons are now history.

5. Android 9 Pie Dashboard

One of the best features of Android 9 Pie is the Dashboard. Here you can monitor all your activity on the phone. For example, here you will able to check the amount of time you have given to an App.

6. App Timer Feature

With the help of the app timer feature, you will be able to organize your time even better in your phone. Here you can set the time limit for an app. For example, you set up today that you will not run the Facebook app for more than 2 hours. So, as soon as 2 hours are completed, the app’s icon turns into Grey colour.

7. Do not Disturb Feature

Like the app timer feature, you can also set up Do Not Disturb feature in your phone. The similarity is this feature will turn your phone screen into grey colour when the timeout expires.

There are many more great features in the Android 9 pie. Google has documented these features at this link. You can go there and read about it.

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