airtel working on xstream airfiber 5g

To overcome the complexity of cables and getting a high speed internet connection, earlier this year, Jio launched a home internet solution called JioAirFiber.

Now competing with its rival, Airtel is reportedly working on a similar service called Xstream AirFiber 5G.

So, what is this AirFiber thing, let’s look into that now.

The definition of AirFiber is hidden in its name. Fiber means giving a high speed internet connection (here which is using 5G technology) and Air means, over Air without need of any cable.

To use the AirFiber technology, users just need just two things – an AirFiber device (Which is WiFi 6 routers) and a 5G enabled sim card. You can purchase WiFi 6 routers from Airtel Stores.

Once these two things are handy, pick a good spot in your house where the 5G signal is strong and then insert the sim card in the device. Well, the device works with 4G network too but having a 5G network gives a better experience.

After inserting the SIM card, power up the device and then connect with the required app and complete the setup. If everything is done correctly, then you have successfully initiated a 5G enabled wireless internet connection in your home.

The information about Airtel working on Xstream AirFiber 5G first came from OnlyTech discussion forum where one of the forum users posted some screenshots of the app that operates with Airtel’s AirFiber 5G.

Here are the screenshots of that app. Take a look to gain more insight about this service.

Taking a close look into the app we found that the cost of a 5G router is Rs 6000 whereas taking a 6 month subscription of the service will cost you Rs 2994 which is around Rs 499 per month.

Its expected launch date falls after August or September this year when Reliance AGM will be conducted where the Jio team is going to launch JioAirFiber.

If you have any more information about Xstream AirFiber 5G, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

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