Meity ultimates WhatsApp roll back new Privacy Policy 7 days

As we all know, starting this year, WhatsApp globally introduced a new privacy policy (excluding some regions) in which it was mentioned that the company will store and share user’s data with some third-party advertisers for target advertising.

WhatsApp also mentioned the deadline (i.e., till February 8, 2021) till which the users should accept its new privacy policy otherwise will not be able to use its services.

As soon as WhatsApp introduced this new privacy policy it started facing a huge backslash from its users around the world.

Seeing the same WhatsApp paused the roll out of its new policy and starts displaying a banner in which it was mentioned exclusively that the company will not share and able to access the personal chats such as text messages, photos, audio, and video calls of the user as they are and remain will be end to end encrypted but will see the content of those chat messages that takes place in between a regular and a Business WhatsApp account only for targeted advertising purpose.

Now, with this clarification, even though WhatsApp might be able to regain some of its regular users, the business account users are still not happy with the same.

So far, while WhatsApp displays the banner to clarify about its new privacy policy, recently, it asks the users to accept the new policy by May 15, 2021, otherwise will avail limited functionality of the app in coming weeks.

As soon as the Indian Government more specifically MeitY knows about the same, it ultimates WhatsApp to revoke its decision about limiting the functionality of WhatsApp for those who will not accept its new privacy policy in 7 days otherwise will face legal consequences.

Today, a report from Reuters has come out that says WhatsApp has agree to the Indian Government and will not limit its features for those who haven’t accepted its new privacy policy.

Here is what WhatsApp has said.

We will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works in the coming weeks. Instead, we will continue to remind users from time to time about the update.

WhatsApp statement as per Reuters.

So users who still haven’t accepted WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and are afraid of getting the limited functionality of the app, now they don’t have to fear for the same.

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