WhatsApp Limit Account Functionalities not accepting new privacy policy
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Back in January this year, WhatsApp introduced a new Terms of Service which faces a huge backslash from the users all around the globe. Seeing the disdain from the user, WhatsApp then revised that terms of service in February and displayed it to the accounts who haven’t accepted the earlier terms of service.

In February, the Instant Messaging App said the revised terms of service will take effect from May 15, 2021, however, it doesn’t explain what will happen to the account that will not accept the new terms of service till the given timeline.

Now in a recent blog post, the Instant Messaging app has explained What will happen to the account who will not accept the new Terms of Service till May 15, 2021.

The blog post says, accounts who haven’t accepted the new terms of service will encounter the limited functionality. However, as soon as the account accepts the new terms of service all functionalities of the app will be restored for the same account.

WhatsApp to limit the account’s Functionality

The limited functionality means, initially, the app blocks the user from accessing their chat list but lets them answer their incoming audio and video calls. The app may block the user from accessing their chat list but let them respond to a message from the notification bar, if the app notification is enabled. Users can also call back a missed audio or video call from the notification bar.

The above limited functionality will end after a few weeks and then users will not be able to receive any incoming calls and notifications and will also not be able to respond to any messages received on the app.

Will WhatsApp Delete those accounts that don’t accept its new Privacy Policy?

Many users around the globe thought WhatsApp may delete those accounts who will not accept its new privacy policy but in the same blog post, WhatsApp also clarified it will not delete any account that doesn’t accept its new privacy policy.

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