Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Finally, after crossing many obstacles, the new avatar of PUBG Mobile is going to be launched in India under the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In India, the game is being launched by Krafton, a South Korean game development company. In one of its blog posts, Krafton has said that this game can be played only in India.

Like PUBG, this game will be free to play and many players will be able to play it simultaneously, as it is a Class AAA multiplayer game.

Many of you may be aware that PUBG Mobile had to lose its hands from India due to violating data protection and security regulations. Krafton puts players’ privacy and data security at top priority. According to Krafton, Battlegrounds Mobile India will fully comply with all data collection and storage laws of India.

Krafton is currently planning India specific game events in the game along with a number of partners, while the company has said that it will bring in-game content regularly to the game to make the game exciting.

Krafton has also launched the game logo which you can see in the featured image above. If you look at the font of the logo, it is very similar to the font of the logo of PUBG Mobile. Apart from this, if we talk about the color of the logo, then the colors of the national flag of India, saffron, light, and green have been used.

It is not known when Battlegrounds Mobile India will be launched, but Krafton has said that players will be given a chance to pre-register in the game for a few periods before launch.

We will tell you as soon as the battlegrounds mobile India pre-registration starts and for this we would like you to subscribe to us by going to the subscription box given below.

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