WhatsApp Challenges Indian Govt in Delhi High Court over IT Rules 2021

While the last date to follow the new IT rules 2021 that was released by the India Government on Feb 25 this year has expired yesterday, the Indian Government might look forward to ban some social media websites who haven’t followed the new rules yet.

However, before the Indian Government announce any of their decision regarding the same, some media report claims, WhatsApp challenges the Indian Government in Delhi High Court over the new IT Rules 2021.

WhatsApp said, the new IT rules is threatening the right to privacy of its users. Right to privacy is a fundamental right and is an integral part of Right to Life and Liberty which is listed under Article 21.

WhatsApp said under the new IT rules, the government has asked us to expose the originator of a message when demanded. Well, as we all know WhatsApp secures the user’s message with end-to-end encryption. Identifying the originator of a message breaks the end-to-encryption of WhatsApp which in turn violates the privacy of its users.

The Indian Government, on the other hand, earlier has said “Assigning an alpha numeric hash to each message will not breaks the app’s end-to-end encryption”.

The Indian Government haven’t commented anything about the alleged lawsuit so far. So, we have to wait for What will the Indian Government do about the same.

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