Easily transfer Google Play Music Content YouTube Music
Easily transfer Google Play Music Content YouTube Music

In a bid to help users transfering their Google Play Music content (that includes the uploads, purchases, added songs, albums, and playlists) to YouTube Music, YouTube Music has brought a simple option. Right now, the option is available for select users of YouTube Music App for iOS and Android. However, looks like soons it become available for all.

Reported first by Gadget 360, here is how, the option looks like in the below screenshot.

Option to Transfer Google Play Music Content to YouTube Music | Credits: Gadget 360

As, you can see in the screenshot, it is mentioned Google Play Music is going away and a user can transfer his/her Google Play Music library to YouTube Music.

Following are the items that a user can transfer from Google Play Music to YouTube Music App.

  1. Music Recommendations
  2. Playlists and Stations
  3. Liked and Disliked Songs
  4. Uploads and Purchases
  5. Albums and Songs in the Library
  6. Membership Data

Once the user start the transfer process it take some time for the transfer to complete and the user will get notified via email or notification, once the transfer completes.

Now, after transfer, a user can find the content on YouTube Music App library tab. Also, after the content transfer complete, the app will start showing you the updated recommendations.

Beside Music, a user can also transfer the Google Play Music podcasts to Google Podcasts by going through this link.

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