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Back in 2015, Google launched a unique way to generate anyone’s digital address using latitude and longitude coordinates. Google call this new tech Plus Codes that is exclusively present in Google Maps. A Plus code is a simple alphanumeic code combined with the locality to form a digital address of any location. See the below screenshot.

How to Find Plus Code in Google Maps?

You can find the Plus Code of your location simply by tapping on the Blue Dot in the Google Maps or can find the Plus Code of any other location by doing the same. You can also search a Plus Code on Google Map in the search bar and that is the way to find anyone current location in Google Map if you have the Plus Code.

For Every GPS Location A Plus Code is Present

Do note that for every GPS location a plus code is present in Google Maps. Now, think of it when we all starts using Plus Codes instead of writing a lengthy address. It will become easy for anyone to reach at your doorstep without taking help of any other person in your neighbourhood, all they need is a smartphone having Google Maps installed in it and your location’s Plus Code. This tech is especially helful for people and organization giving quick response to emergency and crisis scenarios. So, if you ever will stuck in an emergency and have to send your location to someone to quickly reach at you, you can use this tech.

Plus Code Tech is Open Source

Google says, the Plus Code technology is open source, that means, anyone can use and modify its code to use it in their custom made application.

Beside sharing your current location via the Plus Code, Google Maps also have the option to share the live location about which I already has explained in the article posted earlier.

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  1. Sharing locations is yet remaining something that could be very unique in nature.

    Sharing location needs to be automatic to selected numbers

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