Facebook Messenger Launches Corona Help Chatbot

Facebook today has announced a new privacy feature for Messenger app that let the user to lock the Messenger App via Fingerprint and Face Authentication. This new feature not just add another layer of security to the Messenger but also gives the user the confidence to easily share his/her phone with his/her family or friend.

The feature is named App Lock and once enabled you can add an extra layer of protection to the Messenger via your fingerprint or face authentication. Facebook says with this feature they capture your fingerprint and face authentication data with the appropriate hardware present in your device but will not store any of these data on Facebook servers.

As of right now, this feature has been rolled out for iPhone and iPad users but in coming months it will also become available for Android users.

Coming to How one can access this feature? Well, it is present in the Privacy settings section in the Messenger App like as I have shown you in the screenshot below.

What’s more?

Now, beside the App lock feature, Facebook also promises to bring some more exciting features in the Messenger app. For example, a feature to control who can send us a message or place a call. If anyone message us whose messages goes into the requests folder (like Instagram) and whose messages we will see. Facebook says, In the Messenger App they are testing a feature to blur an image received from unknown. Most of you know this feature is already present in Instagram and WhatsApp. Now, Facebook testing it to bring it to the Messenger app also.

So, these are some of the new features rolling out to the Messenger app in coming days. Do let us know in the comments down below about which feature excites you the most.

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