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In a bid to give the user more convenient way to return to Netflix, the on-demand video streaming platform is reportedly testing an option to Pause Membership. This pause membership option let the user to pause the Netflix subscription for up to 10 months. In this period, Netflix will store all the user preferences like profile, rating, viewing history on the server. Reactivating the membership after 10 months leads to start from the scratch.

Now, although it looks like the Pause Membership option functions the same way as the Cancel Membership option, there is a slight difference. This difference is associated with the Payment. The Pause Membership option on Netflix is a single toggle on and off option. As most of you I think already have guessed toggling off this option leads to deactivate the automatic payment for up to 10 months. Also, once you toggle off this option, the platform stops the automatic payment from the same day when the current subscription is going to expire. However, In between if this option toggled ON again then the automatic payment starts from the same day when the option has been toggled ON again.

Now, comparing this feature with the existing Cancel Membership option, there if the user reactivates the subscription he has to initiate the automatic payment cycle again the same when he is going to reactivate the subscription.

Last but not the least, as I said this feature is in testing hence, users who able to somehow gain access to this feature can spot it on the Netflix account settings section.

What’s my opinion about this feature?

Here, one thing if you look closely is, this option in my opinion is not that interesting that I think it supposed to be. I thought the Pause membership option works at it best when a user wants to pause the subscription at any moment. I mean why to wait for the end of the billing cycle. Suppose, a user goes to some trip while his Netflix subscription is active and amid this period, he wants to pause his subscription, however, he must get the total 30 days of his subscription period. Now, if the pause option built that way to achieve this task then it would be revolutionary. To build the pause option like this the only difficult problem to solve in my opinion is associated with the billing system.

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