Messenger Rooms Shortcut Spotted in WhatsApp Web

Facebook recently has a added a new feature that let you to broadcast a Messenger Room live on Facebook. That means, you can now go live with up to 50 people at once on Facebook.

I think most of you already know What Messenger Room is, however, those of you who don’t have any idea about Messenger Rooms can read about it by reading this article.

What does it mean to go live with up to 50 people at once on Facebook?

Suppose, you want to go live with 50 experts discussing about a topic that you think other should also know the exact moment. Well, in that case this feature comes handy. The other example is say giving tuition lessons to up to 50 students at once. I know you think this feature as an alternative to Zoom but also think it that way that it is inside Messenger and also you can use it on Facebook with ease.

How live broadcast from Messenger Rooms works?

As you know Messenger Rooms are joinable group video calls and Right now it supports to hold up to 50 people at a time. Now, Facebook has added a new option inside Messenger Rooms through which you can go live with all these 50 people at once. That means along with you these 50 people are also live. Also, Facebook allows the room creator to broadcast it on Profile, Page, and Group. The room creator also controls where the room can be shared on Facebook plus who can participate in it.

Once a room is created and say up to 50 participants joined the room then before the broadcast of the same rooms all participants get a notification about joining the live broadcast. Now, that moment a participant can either join the broadcast or can leave it.

Also, the room creator can add or remove any participant from the live broadcast at any time. However, room participants can leave the broadcast anytime. The room creator can also lock or unlock the room during the live broadcast.

What about the audience of Messenger Rooms live broadcast?

I think most of you get it to live broadcast a messenger require you to first create a room then invite and ask the participants to join. Then, you can share the same room either to the Profile, Page or Group where ever you want.

Now, coming to Who are the audience of this live broadcast? Well, that functions the same just like any other type of Facebook post you create. For example, if you choose to share the live broadcast publicly then anyone on Facebook can see it. If you want only your friends able to see that broadcast then, In the news feed section you have to select Friends option and so on.

Facebook has said that this feature is rolling out to some countries where Messenger rooms is available and will roll out to the remaining countries in near future. Also, in future Facebook promises to enhance this feature more and more.

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