How to Hack WhatsApp group

In this article, we guide you to How to hack WhatsApp Group 2018? WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging Application in the world.

Disclaimer: The Guide we present here is just for educational purpose. Moreover, this is one of the bugs we find on WhatsApp early. However, In the future, it may not work.

Presently, 1.8 Billion users across 180 countries use WhatsApp messenger. The Application is famous for its simplicity and features. Features which enables us to do a different kind of things in a “blink of an eye”. Features which make our life easier. Some of the main features include messaging, Voice and video calling, documents sharing, pics and videos sharing, contacts sharing and group messaging features. It is well said that everything has its own pros and cons. So, does WhatsApp, sometimes getting a lot of messages in the group or from any individual is really hectic.

hack whatsapp group
how to hack whatsapp

If you face the same situation and get a lot of hectic messages in the group daily, then this post is for you. In today’s post, we are going to tell you how you can hack a WhatsApp Group. Seriously, we are not kidding here. You can do it. We are giving you a step to step guide to do this.

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How to hack WhatsApp Group | Step by Step Guide

  1. First, open the WhatsApp web by the link ( Open it in the Chrome Browser )
  2. Open the Whatsapp Group account you want to hack.
  3. Now, Choose any emoji and insert it as much as possible ( possibly around 4000 emoji ). You can you copy and paste technique to ease your effort.
  4. After inserting, post the emojis in the group. It looks like it is not responding but wait for some time it will.
  5. When your emojis are posted in the group, you will see a single tick on your message.
  6. Now, you have to close your WhatsApp application ( Sometimes you have to forcibly close it ).
  7. Now, The group is unusable. To cross-verify open the WhatsApp group from someone else WhatsApp.
  8. Note: Furthermore, You can do it on individual chat also. When people open the chat, Whatsapp crashes.

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