Top 5 Unknown Whatsapp Tricks
Top 5 Unknown Whatsapp Tricks

Top 5 Unknown WhatsApp tricks

You all are familiar with Whatsapp but did we really know Whatsapp in detail. It may also be that you know all the features of WhatsApp, but today we are going to tell you the Top 5 unknown WhatsApp tricks you probably don’t know.

Location of friends who send messages to WhatsApp

Finding a friend’s location in WhatsApp is a difficult task in itself, but if you want to know the location, first download Mspy App on your phone. You will not find it on the Play Store. You can download it from

Now secretly put this app in the phone of the friend who wants to track the location and hide its icon. Through this, you can keep an eye on WhatsApp, Internet History, Twitter, Google, Instagram etc. In other words, your friend’s phone will be in control of your hand. Although this is a paid app.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages

If you want to send messages automatically to your friends’ friends. Download the WhatsApp Scheduler App and schedule it for the day you wish to write it. Then your message will be automatically sent.

Automatically delete whitespace photos on WhatsApp

Sometimes it happens that the same photos on WhatsApp have received you by many groups and friends which you have difficulty in deleting one by one in the gallery. In such a case you can delete the photos that look similar to the one with the help of an app. For this, you have to download the Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner app.

Read the WhatsApp message without informing the senders of the message

If you want your friends to read their messages without knowing them, then put your phone in flight mode for this and then read the message. After that, turn off flight mode again. With this, you can read messages without turning on the message read option in WhatsApp. And your friends will not even know.

Send WhatsApp Without Message

There is no option to send an Empty message on WhatsApp. You can do so with the help of an app, you can send friends without any written message. For this, download the EMPTY app by MW developers from your Play Store on your phone.

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