Amidst growing epidemic in the world right now, the popularity of video calling applications is reaching their new heights. These video calling applications, on the other hand, leaves no space to chunk their popularity by introducing new features one after another. Now, Joining the same league Google Duo has brought a new feature to help a user invite others in a group video call simply by sending them a link.

In this article, I am talking about How you can invite anyone to join in a Google Duo group video call simply by sending them a link. Let’s see how you can do that.

First and the foremost, to invite someone to join in a Google Duo Group video call, first you must create a Group in Google Duo. Now, creating a group in Google Duo is very simple. Once you open the Google Duo app there you see a Create Group option right in front of you, clicking on the same option prompts you to add at most 11 people to the group. As most of you know, right now, Google Duo supports 12 participants in a Group Video Call.

Process to Invite others to join Google Duo Group Video Call via link
Create Google Duo Group

Now, while, you can add a total of 11 participants in a Group in Google Duo right now, you can access the invite link even by adding just one participant in the group. Once you add the participants in the group simply open the group and there you see the invite link right in front of the phone’s screen. You can copy the link or share it to anyone whom you want to add to the group video call.

Google Duo Group Video Call Invite Link

Do note that right now inviting others to join Google Duo Group Video calls via link works only on mobile as Google Duo Group video calls aren’t yet supported on the web client.

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