Google Duo Supports 12 People to Video Chat Simultaneously

Back on March this year, Google Duo rolls out support for 12 participants to join in a Group call and now after a month, The company has confirmed to the Android Police guys that soon Google Duo going to support 32 participants in a Group Call. About the extension of the number of participants to join in a Group Call, Google Duo has started sending out promotional mails highlighting the same feature as you can see in the screenshot below.

Credits: Android Police

Google Duo was launched back in 2016 and last year has brought support for Video Calling but back then only 4 people were allowed to join in a group call. Then, after a few month, the app supports 8 people to join in a group call and this year in March the app increments the number of people to join in a group call at the same time to 12.

Right now, While most part of the world is in lockdown, apps supporting group calls are in demand and that why Google Duo is incrementing the number of participants to simultaneously join in a group call.

Taking about Google Duo competitors in the market, Some popular ones are Apple Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger and Zoom. Apple Facetime right now is supporting 32 participants to join in a group call, Skype and Messenger on the other hand supports 50 participants. Zoom that is a newbie and recently falls in several privacy related controversies is supporting 100 participants (in its free plan) to join in a group call simultaneously.

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