Google Chrome 81 Releases with Web NFC Support

In your web journey, you might encounter a situation when you want to take a scrolling screenshot of the web page. Well, while some browsers already have this feature, Google Chrome for Android now looks like considering adding the same. A recent Chromium Gerrit post is at least saying the same. The post reported a bug about this new feature, they call it Long Screenshots.

Right now, this feature is part of a new experimental flag and currently, we don’t know in which canary build it has been fabricated. The Chrome Story team, first publicly reported and explained this feature and shows how it is working by sharing some screenshots. I have posted the same screenshots below, where you can see how it is working in Chrome for Android.


As you can see in the above screenshot if anyone wants to take a Long or say Scrolling Screenshots of the web page on Chrome for Android, then, all he/she has to do is open the share menu of the respective web page and there they find a new Long Screenshot option. Tapping on the same option leads them to take a scrolling screenshot of the web page.

Currently, It is possible to take screenshots of the tabs in Chrome but to take a long or scrolling screenshot we still depend on any third party applications. Bringing this feature in any of the stable releases in my opinion will be great, however, the Chrome team decides about the release in which this feature will be added.

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