Chrome Working on Horizontal Navigation Gesture
Chrome Working on Horizontal Navigation Gesture

Chrome Working on Horizontal Navigation Gesture for Switching Tabs. This is one of the best things which we love Safari in most. Right now, if you want to switch from one tab to another in Chrome you can do so by vertical swiping. However, Soon chrome will bring horizontal navigation gesture. After that swiping left and right on the screen leads you to swap between chrome tabs.

The gossip about this new feature comes out first in a new commit of Chromium Gerrit. However, this feature will take some time to rolls out in the stable version. Because in upcoming weeks it lands into the Chrome Canary. Here it will be tested. Although once this feature lands into the Chrome Canary, one can enable it via the flag given below.


However, before the Chrome team assembles this feature in the Chrome, they must work on it completely. We tell so because there are several sites which are using the navigational grid on their site. These grids are working via horizontal swiping gesture. Moreover, if you ask my opinion about this feature, well it is really good and intuitive. It’s like flipping a book page while you are reading the web.

Talking about the current vertical swiping gesture to navigate between the tabs, you can do so in two ways. The first one you can do by simply swiping vertically on the tab down to switch between tabs. However, the second one you can do so by tapping on the number (for eg. 1) which you will find right next to the URL section.

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