Chrome 71 Rolling Out for Android
Chrome 71 Rolling Out for Android

From Today on Chrome 71 Rolling out for Android. Early November we say Google Developers could bring Chrome 71 in December. So, here we are, Chrome 71 is now available to every device. Yesterday Chrome 71 came for Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, today, the same patch is rolling out to Android devices too.

We already explains, Why Chrome 71 is an importaint patch. This patch improves the user experience on the browser by removing the abusive ads. Abusive ads are those one which misinterpret you in someway.

There is also an another minor change you find on Chrome 71. This change is related to Chrome Payments options. Previously, Chrome attaches the Payments Methods and Address at the same place. However, now, both are seperate options. Previously, we see the browser pops up the billing screen before let us know how payment acceptor uses our payment data. This happens with some pages that doesn’t loads correctly and gives us the billing screen. Now the latest patch i.e. 71 takes care of it.

One minor thing you also notice in the browser, previously when you open a new tab, you won’t find any favicon for that. However, now, you will find a black and white chrome favicon, once you open a new tab.

Advance users who want to gain the native full screen experience while navigating to sites could also hide the navbar. However, some developers counter this feature by saying some users find it difficult to exit out of full screen mode.

Have you remember, turning on and off Video Autoplay Option, which chromes already introduces earlier this year. Well, Chrome has made similiar changes for Web Audio API too in Chrome 71.

That is all about Chrome 71, the update is rolling out to Android and Desktop and coming to Chrome OS next week.

If you don’t know, how to update your Chrome Browser in desktop, Just follow the steps I mark out in the screenshot below.

How to Update Chrome Browser in Desktop
How to Update Chrome Browser in Desktop

Have fun with Chrome 71 and do let us know, whether you find all the feature we mention above in your browser.

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