Chrome 70 Brings Progressive Web Apps to Desktop
Chrome 70 Brings Progressive Web Apps to Desktop

Chrome 70 Brings Progressive Web Apps to Desktop, a new feature which will bring Web Apps to access natively in OS or Offline. Progressive Web Apps are like a normal web application that can also run offline or natively in Operating System. Google takes over the scarcity of Apps in Microsoft Store by Bringing this feature to Chrome 70. This new version of Chrome which rolls out globally have many other features besides PWA. Once this new feature takes its step into Chrome 70, next time when you install an app or extension in Chrome a prompt will appear which ask you to install this app in your Windows too. You can then access these PWA apps, once you open up your Start menu.

Not Just Windows only PWA feature will also come in other Operating Systems like Linux and Mac OS. In these OS this new Feature comes in Version 72.

Chrome 70 also brings some seriously cool features like Public Key Credentials. This help allows sites to capture your fingerprint details so as to improve your security measurements while login in. Note that, these days fingerprints are also used for Two Factor Authentication. With Chrome 70 one can also get the option to disable the Automatic Sign-in Feature.

Those of you who don’t know how to update Chrome it is pretty simple. Just click on the Three Vertical dot icon that is present at the top right corner of your Chrome Browser. Once you click on the icon, Click on Help>About Google Chrome option. This will open up a page which will update your Chrome automatically if your Internet Connection is Turned On. Besides all the new options and improvements, you guys will see some UI Improvements too. Note that because this update rolls out globally, maybe you won’t get Chrome 70 at the present moment. Don’t worry do a regular check-up, it will available for you in a week or something.

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