WhatsApp Payment Doesn't Comply with Indian Regulations

WhatsApp Payment Doesn’t Comply with Indian Regulations. As we earlier talk in one of our posts that NPCI i.e. National Payment Corporation of India ask WhatsApp to store Payments data locally. NPCI and RBI are two governing bodies which take care of Financial activities occurs in India. We are naming these two bodies only w.r.t WhatsApp payments. Considering the history of WhatsApp owned company i.e. Facebook seems like NPCI and Indian Government takes this decision.

WhatsApp Payment Doesn’t Comply with Indian Regulations: Report

Now, According to a report by Economic Times, WhatsApp doesn’t agree to store Payments data locally. It only stores a copy of it in India, although, it also stores other copies abroad. However, NPCI and RBI ask WhatsApp to store all the Payments Data only in India. WhatsApp Payment service which we are eagerly waiting for now seems like is in the closed doors for now. In our previous post, we explain to you how WhatsApp officials develop a panel that handles payments data of WhatsApp. However, that time they don’t explain whether they stores payments data in India only or not.

Talking about other Foreign payment services, Google Pay also stores Payments data outside India. But here, Sundar Pichai explain the government that it will benefit startups and also actively secures the data flow.

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