Adobe e-Sign Introduces Government ID Authentication
Adobe e-Sign Introduces Government ID Authentication

Adobe e-Sign Introduces Government ID Authentication. It is the new way to verifying personal identity. Adobe e-Sign do it via a Physical ID such as a person’s Driving License, Aadhaar ID, Passport and many other. All you have to do is take a photo of your Physical ID card, and Adobe e-Sign evaluates all its characteristics. Some of the characteristics of a Physical ID Card are the font it uses, patterns, Design, and layout of the card.

Now, coming to the next point where this solution is applicable. One can use this solution at any place where verification need is required. For example, you can use it as places such as banks, examination centers, airports, and many others.

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Note that Adobe also integrates e-sign with two HR solutions which are currently very popular in HR Organisations. These two key HR solutions are Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Service Now. The company claims Adobe e-Sign is the first e-Signature solution that integrates with HR Solution.

Adobe also says soon they also tighten the security of PDF via Microsoft Information Protect.

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