5 Recent Whatsapp features

5 Recent Whatsapp Features | Introduction

In this article, we are going to list for you the 5 Recent WhatsApp features which you must not have to escape. Whatsapp publishes these features so fast that we think some users might escape some feature. So, we think we have to make an article for it. So enjoy.

In the past few days, WhatsApp has launched one by one five new features for its users. It includes Deleting the message feature which is sent by mistake to sharing the real-time live location. Let’s know about the 5 recent WhatsApp features, which is interesting as well as useful for you.

List of 5 Recent Whatsapp Features

Delete for Everyone

Through this feature, you will be able to withdraw the message which is sent you by mistake. When you are deleting the message, you will get 3 options. Delete For Me, Cancel and Delete For Everyone. In this, clicking on Delete For Me will delete the message from your app but not from the app you sent the message to. Right now, clicking on Delete for Everyone will delete the message from both of your as well as the person you sent the message.

Live location

The Feature of sharing your location with your contacts on WhatsApp was also available earlier, but it was not real time. With the new features of Live Location, you can share your real-time location with your contacts. This will keep updating your location continuously. For this, you need to go to Whatsapp Chat and click on the Attach icon. Sharing the location here will ask you a time duration. In the time limit, three options are given i.e. sharing live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour and up to 8 hours.

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Like Instagram Story, WhatsApp launches this feature on its 8th birthday. Through this, users can use video, GIF, and photo as there Whatsapp status.

Two Step Verification

With this feature, the user’s WhatsApp account is more secure than ever before. Two-step verification is activating by registering the phone number on Whatsapp. WhatsApp gives a 6-digit PIN to the user by SMS, which he/she has to remember all the time. This PIN is like a backup passkey. The Pin may be asking sometimes in the middle of WhatsApp usage or even when the user launches the WhatsApp for the first time after updating it.

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Media Sharing

Earlier, In Whatsapp, users can send only 10 media files (photos or videos) simultaneously. Now, WhatsApp increases this limit. Now you can send up to 30 photos together. In early days users can send only a few types of files in WhatsApp. Now, users can send most of the file types which includes MP3s as well as APK files.

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