YouTube Explore Tab Replaces Trending Tab

In a bid to make to it easier for users to find the newest and popular content, YouTube has started rolling out a new tab called The Explore Tab. One can find the brand new Explore Tab right on the place where Trending Tab was present earlier. Now, Explore Tab has replaced the Trending Tab, and Trending Tab shifts inside the Explore Tab.

YouTube Explore Tab
YouTube Explore Tab

Well, the Trending Tab (inside Explore Tab) still has its own set of Tabs (like earlier it has) on the top that includes categories like Music, Gaming, News, and Movies.

YouTube Trending Tab Inside Explore Tab
YouTube Trending Tab Inside Explore Tab

Now, Coming again to the Explore Tab, it contains the feed structure but also has different sections. At the top, Different sections like Trending, Music, Gaming, News, Movies, Fashion & Beauty are present. Next of it, you see a Creator on the Rise section, and after that, the Trending Videos section is present which YouTube has sorted reverse chronologically.

This new update with Explore tab has rolled out to all mobile and tablet devices including Android and iOS. And if you haven’t seen the Explore tab yet on your device, it became available in coming days, don’t worry.

Why has YouTube brought the Explore Tab?

Now, most of you get confused Why YouTube has brought a new feed section in the form of Explore Tab while Home section is already present. Well, the Home section contains a list of content that is recommended by the A.I. and the A.I., in turn, recommends those content by analysing users history of interacting with contents.

The Explore Tab, on the other hand, contains a list of newest and popular content on YouTube sorted reverse Chronologically.

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