WordPress Finally Rolls Out Gutenberg Editor
WordPress Finally Rolls Out Gutenberg Editor

WordPress Finally Rolls Out Gutenberg Editor which many publishers are eagerly waiting for. This new editor rolls out in WordPress Version 5.0. The basic working principle of Gutenberg editor is it works on blocks. Everything you write or upload while you are using this editor goes inside a block. The publishing platform which introduces the block structure is Medium. Medium publishers who are reading this article get my point.

I write this article also via WordPress Gutenberg editor. Okay let me give you my opinion what I like the most in Gutenberg editor and what are all the new things I see in it.

WordPress Finally Rolls out Gutenberg editor: What are all the new features and What I like the Most?

First, Let me start with the block. So, What are all the things you can call a block in WordPress 5.0? Well, the answer is everything. Whatever you write via WordPress 5.0 editor it goes inside a block. For example, this paragraph is a block. Moreover, WordPress 5.0 gives you several option to play with a block. For example, this is a paragraph block and the guternberg editor gives us several options to play with paragraph block. You have Text Settings option via which you can set the font size to Small, Normal, Medium, Large, and Huge. You can also set a custom size if you want by filling out the pixel size right next to the Font size option.

What I like most in the Gutenberg editor is the Drop Cap option via which I can large the initial letter of a paragraph block. We can also set the paragraph background color via the color settings option. These are also the new options which are present in front in the new Gutenberg editor.

Wordpress Gutenberg Image Block
WordPress Gutenberg Image Block

Similarly, When you insert an image inside a post, the new Gutenberg editor also treat it as a new block. Moreover, for an image block the editor gives you several options like setting out the Alt Text, Image Size etc.

What I like the most in Gutenberg editor is the clean and modern interface. The toolbar section which was present at the top of editor is now more compact.

One more unique thing you find in Gutenberg editor is the Spotlight mode. Enabling this helps you to focus only on the block on which you are currently working. You can find this option at top right corner of your editor. There you find three vertical dots clicking on it reveals the spotlight mode.

In the same three vertical dots menu there is an option called Options. In Options you will find three top level panels i.e. General, Document, and Advance. What makes this so cools is you can turn on and off these specific set of panels. You can use these panel options to enable and disable accordingly. This makes your WordPress editing environment more clean and also loads faster in slow internet connection too.

One more unique thing I find in the Gutenberg editor is the content structure option. This option is present in the toolbar section which you can find at the top of your editor. It is present by the name i. Clicking on this option reveals several things like, the total number of Words, Blocks, Paragraphs and Headings that one uses in a post.

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