wipro iisc build india first metal 3d printing machine
wipro iisc build india first metal 3d printing machine

Yes, you heard it right! Wipro and IISc jointly build India’s First Metal 3D Printing Machine. The machine works on selective Electron Beam Melting Technology that offers a high build rate as well as superb mechanical properties.

Metal Additive Manufacturing is new both in India as well as globally. Wipro 3D, which is a subdivision of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, is a full suite provider of Metal additive manufacturing.

Those of you who don’t know, In Metal Additive Manufacturing different Laser Melting techniques, are used. Take the Selective Layer Melting Technique as an example where layer by layer metal powders coated, then infused together to build a shape. Other examples include deposition of metal powder over a cable then infused to create a more complex shape.

Different sectors in which this metal 3D printing machine could be used include Aerospace, Defense, Healthcare, Automotive, and Nuclear.

The Benchmarking of this machine is almost complete, and soon we see it working in the future.

The Director of IISc, Anurag Kumar, says He is happy that IISc and Wipro collaboratively work together to build such a machine.

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