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Cyberbullying is a new thing which is now proliferating on Social Media Platforms. Those of you who don’t know What Cyberbullying is, Well, its a way to bully someone via any electronic communication. For example, by sending either a threatening message, abusive comment on a social media post, and so on.

Different organizations are working hard to stop cyberbullying. Now, Instagram has come forward again by introducing a new antibullying feature called Caption Warning. Caption warning feature stops a user to bully someone by adding abusive Caption on a photo or a video shared.

How does Instagram Caption Warning Feature work?

Suppose you want to bully someone by setting a caption to say “You are Stupid” on a photo or video shared by someone. So, In that case, now, Instagram warns you by saying that someone has reported a similar caption earlier and you can either edit the Caption or share it anyway. Instagram spots a bully caption with the help of its antibullying algorithm.

Well, this isn’t the first time Instagram rolls out an antibullying feature. If you remember back in October this year, Instagram rolls out the Restrict feature, that stops users to bully someone by posting offensive comments, photos or videos.

There are multiple ways of restricting someone on Instagram. If you like to read What are all the different ways to restrict or un-restrict someone on Instagram, here is where you can read it.

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