Twitter Fleets Feature India

Twitter Fleets feature has now been rolled out in India for select users. Twitter fleets is like the stories feature which we see these days on many other social platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Netflix. Twitter says Fleets are for sharing fleeting thoughts and disappear in 24 hours. This new feature gives user a new way to express themselves that feel less permanent and more casual than tweeting.

Things you can do with Fleets on Twitter

In Fleets you can even share a photo or a video with text on the top. A fleet posted by you will only be visible to your followers at the top of their timeline. Also, anyone who have the access to see your full profile on Twitter can also see your fleets there. One can not retweet, reply, or like on your fleets, however, if your DMs are open then one can DM a reply on your fleet. Accounts that have closed their DM, they get reply on their fleet only by the people they follow. You can see the peoples who have seen your fleet.

How to Fleets on Twitter?

To fleet on Twitter, tap on your avatar at the top left of the timeline as I have shown you in the screenshot below.

Twitter Fleets Feature

Next, write down or post a photo, video, or a GIF on your fleet. Then, click on the Fleet button to post it among your followers.

Just like tweets, there isn’t any option to edit a fleet however, you can delete it by clicking on the three horizontal dots > delete fleet on a live fleet.

You can access your fleets either by going to your profile page then tap on your profile picture or by the twitter home feed section at the top left corner of the screen.

Twitter Fleets in India

Right now, fleets are available only to the mobile users and desktop users not have this feature for now. Twitter started testing this feature in Brazil this March and later extended it to Italy last month. In a talk to Economic Times, Twitter India MD, Manish Maheshwari said India is important for Twitter because it is the largest and fastest growing audience market in the world. Let see how India going to use this feature.

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