Twitter Block Retweeting Unread Articles fight Misinformation

While most of the social media websites these days are struggling to fight with misinformation, Twitter has come up with a unique feature to fight against misinformation. Recently, Twitter Support Team shared a tweet explaining they are testing a feature to limit or stop a user to retweet an article he hasn’t opened. Twitter Support Team said, sharing an article can spark a conversation, so you may want to read it before you Tweet it.

In the same tweet, Twitter Support Team has said that they are testing this feature with Android. Now, if you ask me about this feature, I can say that, in my opinion it will not just boost the platform to discourage the spread of misinformation, but will also help a healthy article to rise on the platform. Let me explain to you with a simple example, these days you may have seen that, some articles have a completely different headline in context to what is present inside the article and some user retweet the article based on what they have seen on the headline only. Hence, stopping such user to retweet an article is a great deal. May be some users don’t like this feature but in a long run, in my opinion, this feature makes the platform more authentic.

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