Top 10 secret android codes

Top 10 secret android codes | Introduction

Many of you are using Android phones but did you really know all the specifications present in your phone like a pro. Many times it happens that the shopkeeper tells you about the phone’s features but you are looking for something else to get on your phone. So today we will tell you about top 10 secret android codes that you probably don’t know about By these secret codes you know your phone like a pro.

List of Top 10 secret android codes:

1. *#*#4636#*#*: With this code, you can know the full details of the phone. For example, you can get much more information including battery, mobile details, Wi-Fi information, app users.

2. *2767*3855# Dialing this code will reset your phone. This code also deletes your phone memory. Use this code only if you need it. Otherwise, your phone’s data may end.

3. *#*#2664#*#* This code test the touchscreen of your phone. By this code, you know whether your touchscreen is working properly or not.

4. *#*#0842#*#* This code test the vibration of your phone.

5. *#*#34971539#*#* This code gives complete information about the phone’s camera.

6. *#21# This code gives complete information about the diverted phone calls, messages, and other phones data.

7. *#62#: Sometimes your number speaks no-service or no-answer. In this case, you can dial this code on your phone. With this, you can help you know whether your phone has been re-directed to any other number or not.

8. ##002#: With the help of this code, you can deactivate all the forwarding of Android phones. If you believe your call is going to be diverted somewhere then you can dial this code.

9. *43#: With the help of this code, you can turn on call waiting service on your phone, while dialing #43# and also can close it.

10. *#06#: With this code, you can know the IMEI number. This code only identifies any phone. This code is different for all phones. This number can track the police phone.
Note- According to the Android version some codes can work and nothing else.

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