The Unicode Consortium has announced Emoji 13.1
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The Unicode consortium has announced about Emoji 13.1 which is going to debut in October this year and will possibly be seen in the devices in September to November next year.

Earlier, it was scheduled to release the Emoji 14.0 in March next year but the release has been reportedly delayed by six months due to Corona outbreak. That means the Emoji 14.0 release is going to debut in September next year and maybe we spot it on devices in the year 2022.

To fill the release gap the Unicode consortium decided to bring a release that would not require any new code points and Hence, they announced Emoji 13.1 release.

Talking about the predecessor of Emoji 13.1 which is Emoji 13.0, it was announced in January 2020 and has already been released in March 2020. It can be seen in the current Android 11 betas and some Apple’s upcoming IOS as promised.

What’s new in Emoji 13.1?

As I said, the Unicode consortium plans to bring a release that would not require any new code points. Following the same, the Emoji 13.1 lists some new emojis which I have listed below.

  • Face in Clouds
  • Mending Hearts
  • Face with Spiral Eyes
  • Face Exhaling
  • Heart on Fire
  • Bearded Emojis for both the Men and Women with different Skin tones
  • Couples Emojis with more skin tones

Why the Unicode Consortium decides about Emoji Release?

Well, those of you who don’t know, the Unicode Consortium is an organisation who maintains the Unicode standard. The Unicode standard, on the other hand, includes the encoding and representation of texts used in most of the writing systems present in the world. You can say that, the Unicode Consortium is the regulatory body who decides everything about Emojis. Once the Unicode Consortium approved a emoji, the device manufacturers like Google and Apple will then assemble it in their devices.

So that is everything about Emoji 13.1 and 14.0 about which we know so far. Do let us know in the comments down below, which emojis you like the most from the above mentioned list and which emojis you plan to regularly use in the coming days. Also, if you have any opinion or suggestion for us, do let us know in the comments down below.

VIA: Emojipedia

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