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World’s best music application Spotify (in my opinion) is now testing to add Music Videos in the Now Playing section of the app. Popular Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong recently has revealed this feature via her twitter handle. She has written that the Spotify is working on a tab to switch in between Canvas, Album Art, and Video.

Now, although the Canvas and Album Art already exist on the app, Video is entirely new.

Those of you who don’t know, the Canvas section contains a brief video clip (not a full music video) of the song that is currently playing in the Now Playing section.

The Album art, on the other hand, most of you already know is a poster of the song.

Now, coming to the entirely new Video section, it is expected that it may contains the full music video of the song playing in the Now Playing section. However, for now, Spotify says, they are still exploring what to place in this section.

But, Many believe this section may contains the Full Music Video of the song playing like as we see in the YouTube Music. However, for now, we can’t certain anything.

Also, if you think YouTube Music is the first music app to integrate music videos in a dedicated music app, then, probably you haven’t heard of Apple Music who have this feature back from 2018 on a dedicated section present in the app.

Now, giving my opinion about this feature, I personally didn’t like it because it dilutes the basic theme of a dedicated music app. But anyways it will be a great feature for those, who want to listen music and watch music videos on a same app to ignore the burden of switching between different apps.

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