Google Search to test new pagination options in India
Google Search to test new pagination options in India

In a bid to improve the user experience on Google Search, the company is frequently testing new options. Now, in the same journey the search engine has spotted testing new pagination options in India.

Back in April this year, Google Search rolled out the More Result button for pagination in Mobile and now the search engine has spotted testing the same pagination button on desktop too.

Right now, On Desktop, the numbered pagination on Google Search for a search result Looks like as I have shown in the screenshot below.

However, the More Result buttoned pagination which I am talking about looks like as shown in the below screenshot.

Although, I spotted the brand new More Results Buttoned Pagination option now but back in August last year several users abroad tweeted the screenshots of similar pagination options. Check out those variations of pagination options in the screenshots attached in the tweet below.

Now what is common in all these new pagination options are, all of them are sporting infinite scroll. Well, those of you who don’t know What Infinite scroll is? Well, it’s a web design technique where to move to the next page a user simply have to scroll down to the bottom. Infinite Scroll basically eliminates the need for pagination.

Now, coming to the new buttoned pagination option in Google Search, here to visit the next, a user has to click on the More Result Button in addition to scroll down to the bottom.

So, this is all about the new pagination options Google Search is testing. If you have any query or suggestion, do let us know in the comments down below.

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