Spotify Premium Duo Plan India

To give Couples an ultimate music listening experience, Spotify has expanded; it’s Premium Duo plan to 55 markets in the world, including India. The plan comes at Rs. 149 per month and gives two separate Spotify Premium accounts in a single bill. With two different accounts, both the users enjoy their music separately. This plan enhances the together music listening experience of couples via an exclusive playlist called Duo mix that’s updated regularly based on the music both the user likes.

Users who already have Spotify Premium subscription and want to switch to the Duo plan can do so via the Account section. Also, users who are entirely new to the app can avail Spotify Duo Premium subscription free for one month. But as I said, that became possible only when the user hasn’t already tried Spotify Premium.

Also, One can join Spotify Premium Duo only when both the user lives at the same address. Premium users switching to Premium Duo can keep all their Music, Playlists, and Recommendations in the Duo account.

In a user study conducted, Spotify says, 73 percent of couples said they listen to music together to recall happy memories, whereas 63 percent of couples said they listen to music together to create memorable moments. In both these cases, bringing up a plan like Premium Duo is not just affordable but unique when we compare it to any other music streaming app available out there.

Now, talking about the price in India, although the Premium Duo subscription costs Rs. 149 per month. In the US and UK, it costs about Rs. 980 and Rs. 1220 per month. The other Spotify plans in India include the Premium one that comes at Rs. 119 per month and the Family plan at Rs. 179 per month. The Family plan, however, sports six premium accounts under one roof.

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